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Cohort of 100 million Brazilians

A platform to create a new and innovative cohort that makes possible the study of determinants social and the effects of social policies and programs on the different aspects of health in Brazilian society.

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Seeks to make feasible the execution of multidisciplinary projects involving biological and population data from new technologies.

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Zika Platform

This platform aims to improve scientific knowledge about the disease and support the adoption of more appropriate public health measures to deal with the triple epidemic caused by Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya.

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EPIGEN - Genomic Epidemiology of Brazilian Cohorts

Its main objective is to study the association between complex diseases and the genetic variants found in the Brazilian population, taking into account one of the most important characteristics of this population: its diversity.

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Platform for Incorporation of Technologies and Innovations in Information Systems to support the Programs and Actions of SUS

A platform focused on the construction, evaluation and offer of solutions in Digital Health for the Programs and actions of the Unified Health System.

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Platform for Studies and Research on Equity and Urban Sustainability and its effects on Health

The objective is to develop studies and research focused on issues related to the equity and sustainability of urban areas and their effects on health.

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